We are a manufacturer of drums, wheels and drive rollers. Properties of rubber coatings applied by us include abrasion resistance, flame retardation, temperature resistance up to 250°C, and approval of white coatings for the food industry.

We also manufacture a full range of non-standard rollers for conveyor belts and production lines. We use high quality bearings from companies such as: FŁT KRAŚNIK, FAG.

We manufacture:

  • Plain runners
  • Directional runners
  • Ring and disc runners
  • Imprinting runners
  • Gravity runners
  • Stainless steel rolls for the food industry
  • Plastic rolls
  • Geared runners
  • Roll sets
  • Custom-made rolls (rubberised, heat resistant, reinforced, galvanized, with dust protection)
  • Flexible runner sets
  • Support jacks standard and custom-made
  • Complete drive components
  • Drums
  • Shafts
  • Wind boxes
  • Expansion and clamping rings