We provide a full range of pulleys and drive rollers. We use only the highest quality components manufactured in Poland and Europe. Our products feature premium dust seals and bearings. By using good quality semi-finished products we can ensure the long-term operation of our pulleys and drive rollers, with low noise levels to boot.

We manufacture:

  • Smooth pulleys, deflection pulleys, annular pulleys, disc pulleys and nip pulleys

  • Belt self-aligning rollers

  • Belt cleaning rollers

  • Hourglass and barrel rollers

  • Geared pulleys

  • Gravity conveyor rollers

  • Stainless steel rollers

  • Plastic rollers

  • Roller blocks

  • Roller sets

  • Custom rollers (rubber lined, polyurethane, heat-resistant, heavy-duty, galvanised)

  • Self-aligning roller sets

+ Added product photos with captions

+ Figures added with templates of different roller styles

+ Types of axles/shafts (ends)