We operate hydraulic presses for moulding workpieces with various rubber or silicone compounds. Our products are resistant to abrasion, oil and grease, temperature, and safe for food.

Our products can be manufactured in a great number of forms: cords, profiles, plates, blanks, seals and mouldings. We can mould workpieces in various shapes, hardness ratings and colours.

Our most popular rubber and silicone products include:

  • Buffers and stops

  • Conveyor side linings

  • Vibration isolating dampers

  • Clutch cartridges

  • Sleeves

  • Rings

  • Wipers

  • Diaphragms

  • Rubber/metal parts

  • Silicone/metal parts

  • Sifter balls

We carry a very wide range of rubber and silicone sheets of various sizes in our regular range, which we can quickly and precisely cut to the required size.

Our sheets are available for multiple applications:

  • General purpose

  • Oil-resistant

  • Acid- and alkali-resistant

  • Food-grade certified

  • Silicone

  • Heat resistant

  • Wear-resistant

  • Neoprene

  • Viton (FPM)

  • Porous rubber

  • Micro-rubber

  • Knurled or patterned surfaces

  • Wide and narrow corrugations