To meet our customers’ needs for heavy-duty conversions of belt conveyors, over the years we have developed innovative, durable and reliable solutions to extend the conveyor uptime.

We manufacture comprehensive scraper systems with parts made of polyurethane NBR, SiC and construction plastics. Our range includes the RS-CHEVROTECH scraper and cleaning system chevron belts.

We also provide RS-JMP drum scrapers with tensioners and a variety of below-drum scrapers in elastomer and sintered carbide versions.

We manufacture side walls and aprons from SINTIQUE, a wear-resistant, highly elastic material. The material conforms to the belt and ensures a long service life through its hard wear. The elasticity of SINTIQUE minimises the sealing surface wear on conveyor belts. This material is available in several different patterns, thicknesses and hardness ratings.

SINTIQUE types available:

  • Non-reinforced

  • Single or double synthetic fabric reinforced

  • Single-sided outer slide fabric reinforced

  • Aramid fibre reinforced

  • Double sealing lip style

We supply our customers with comprehensive pulley mounting systems: bases (trestles) for single, dual and triple pulleys, as well as brackets and fasteners. We can manufacture conveyor buckets for handling aggregates, cement, lime, coal, fertilisers, animal feed, cereals and sugar as per the customer’s models and plans. We can manufacture steel or plastic buckets.

To ensure end-to-end support for conveyors, we provide a wide selection of slat brushes, roller brushes and non-standard brushes. The brushes effectively extend the service life of the plant, streamlining the operation by removing unwanted dirt and debris. We specify the bristle type and brush design to the belt and the product it carries. Slat brushes can double as protective seals.